Monday, June 13, 2011

Larry Summers Speaks

I have a fantasy, where I am at a conference, where the featured event is a Q&A with Larry Summers, and I get to ask the last question.

My question, I explain, is really to the audience, but I will direct it to Professor Summers:  "Why the hell are you up there, you stupid, failed fat f***?!?"

This morning the Financial Times inaugurates a series of commentaries, it calls the A-List, with a column by Larry Summers, former Treasury Secretary in the Clinton Administration and former economics adviser to the Obama Administration, on the topic, "How to avoid our own lost decade", arguing for Keynesian remedies for our current economic malaise.

Larry Summers was one of the chief architects of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, and the chief architect of the Obama Administration's response.  He's responsible.  He did this to us.

Larry Summers is what is wrong with economics.